Why Choose Hugh?

Character and Experience

As a long-time resident of Calgary Centre, Hugh Thomson learned the importance of public service early in life. The son of a former Progressive Conservative MP, Hugh saw his father take the fight against the crippling National Energy Program to then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Fast forward 35 years and it's a different Trudeau. A different Thomson. But the same fight. Divisive, pandering policies are resulting in investment flight and unnecessary hardship for Calgarians. As a father, husband and engaged member of Calgary Centre, Hugh has seen the impact government-created uncertainty has on average Calgarians. From job losses to less money in the bank for those fortunate enough remain employed. This is not the Canadian dream. Calgary Centre needs an experienced, pragmatic and empathetic Member of Parliament to rally for our families. Hugh Thomson is that voice.

Business and Jobs

For 25 years, Hugh Thomson has had a front row seat aboard the oil and gas roller-coaster. But when federal government inaction and foot-dragging started choking business and killing jobs, the time came to stand up. Calgarians have bore the brunt of federal policy that stifles investment and erects barriers to prosperity. As a Chartered Accountant and former Chief Financial Officer in oil and gas, Hugh understands the impact uncertainty brings to the Calgary's Number One employer. Direct foreign investment in Canada has declined 57% in the last three years. This translates to many of our family, friends and neighbours losing their livelihoods. Our country imports 700,000 barrels of foreign oil a day while ever-changing regulatory hurdles and political opportunism keeps Alberta crude stranded. This is unacceptable. A strong voice for Calgary Centre in Ottawa is needed to stop the unnecessary nonsense that punishes Canadians while allowing others to prosper. The time has come to get off this Liberal carnival ride and carve a path to responsible prosperity. Hugh Thomson has the right mix.