HT Policy Positions


The party does not have a climate change policy yet. In my opinion, the
Trudeau/McKenna “pollution tax” is a divisive, political, marketing plank. There are
many ways to incentivize efficiencies and renewables. Further, if there is to be a
credible, global movement, we need to be at the table ensuring that the largest
emitters are taking the matter seriously. Currently, the Trudeau Government wants us
to camp in the poor house as world boy scouts while the rest of the developed world
carries on oblivious.

I believe in “live and let live”. Benefits are for all people and not to be selectively
handed out or refused.

Canada needs a clear and fair development application process which balances
resource extraction with environmental standards which preserve our lands and
waters. Bill C-69 is a mess, likely designed by Gerald Butts (Trudeau’s Chief Advisor
and alter ego who never met a pipeline he would not kill). The Senate should kill the
bill. A proper process should only permit submissions by those affected by the
proposed works. No foreign funding or remote activists permitted.

The media and punditry never discuss the size and inefficiency of governments unless
something outrageous happens such as the Phoenix pay fiasco. The federal civil
service is too large, self-serving and ineffectual. The Auditor General’s reports
consistently point out the failure of the civil service to design and implement political
policy and legislation in a manner which achieves intended results rather than favour
the interests of the civil service. The Public Service Employment Act needs to be
amended to permit termination of employees (non-union) based upon the same
principles as the private sector. Collective agreements need to be negotiated with
clear rights to terminate unionized employees without cause upon giving reasonable
notice or pay instead.

A full audit of each federal department and a review of its necessity is long overdue.
Canada is over-governed. Budgets need to be balanced or in surplus and debt needs
to be paid down. This is one way we become competitive again.

The genie is out of the bottle but requires monitoring. The industry needs ongoing
evaluation. Health Canada and the National Research Council should be funded
accordingly to regulate, fund and review research into the effects of cannabis on
various aspects of our physiology and psychology so that within 5 – 10 years we have a
body of useful knowledge, which may also be marketable.

As MP for Calgary Centre, I will run an accessible and efficient local office to assist
citizens who have issues with the federal government.

As an experienced oil and gas executive, I would hope to form an informal group of
MPs who represent resource based ridings to focus on the development agenda and
provide timely and accurate information to the cabinet.